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How to choose LED floodlight

The price of the led floodlight depends on the quality, the quality depends on the heat dissipation and the influence on the heat dissipation in the basic parts such as LED Chips, Power supply and shell.Choosing constant current power supplyIn the market, the power supply of floodlights can be divid…


What are the Features of LED floodlights

Wide applicationBridge Night scape lighting, gas station and the parking lot lighting, landscape lighting, fountain lighting, stage lighting, billboards light, advertising board lighting, greenery landscape lighting, tunnel lighting; hotel, facilities a culture lamp lighting and other specialized fa…


Key Factors about Canopy Lighting

If you are looking for high-power, high-quality lighting solutions for your outdoor space, check out our wide selection of LED Canopy Light. And Key Factors about Canopy Lighting.FOBLED is an excellent LED Canopy light supplier in China.Made specifically to withstand the rigors of Outdoor Canopy Lig…


Factors to Consider While Buying LED Panel Lights

Many people love to use LED panel ligh at office home or other location,given that these are sleek in appearance, can disperse light in a uniform way, save you significant amount of electricity and lack LED glare. These are energy efficient illuminants that can save you a lot in terms of energy bil…


The Benefits of UFO LED High Bay Lights

UFO LED High Bay Light look like a UFO from a sci-fi flick. FOBLED LED HighBay Light series options Private model design, very beautiful appearance,Adopt professional ADC12 and heavy die-cast aluminum housing,IP65 certified water resistant and dustproof,Wide wattage options of 100W/150W/200W.Lighti…


What Matters Need To Pay Attention To Use And Install For LED Panel Light

LED panel light is now widely used in indoor lighting, its energy-saving, environmental protection, low power consumption, long life to get people's support. And LED panel lights will replace traditional lighting in the coming years will be fully generalizable. and we use LED panel lights do nee…